My wines

My collection of wines is divided in two important types: sparkling wines produced by following the Martinotti method, with the “presa di spuma” (taking of foam) in steel tanks at controlled temperature and pressure (autoclave) and wines produced by following the ancient “Ancestrale” method, with the second fermentation which is spontaneously created in the bottle and yeasts and sediments which are deposited in the bottom of the bottle, without any intervention of filtration or correction. It is the ancient method, used by farmers since before the spreading of modern technologies for sparkling wine making. Each of these wines has an original and surprising personality, for the ones who want to explore new (but actually ancient) taste experiences.

Gli Ancestrali di Riccardo Zanotto

Spumanti Metodo Martinotti



Spumanti metodo Martinotti & Ancestrali col fondo non filtrati