“I have my own idea of what
a Prosecco should tell.”

Riccardo Zanotto

I would like those who drink a bottle of mine to be able to find in it the stories of yesteryear, those scents and character that made me fall in love with the places and traditions of the land where I was born and the “little pieces of Italy” that I have passed through, loved, lived in.
To achieve this I knew that research, a journey, was necessary. The family vineyard I grow in the hills or blindly relying on modern winemaking techniques would not have been enough. It was necessary to discover the right combination of grapes, soil, technique, tradition, timing… I think you need to be more tailors than farmers, more selectors than producers. And that is what I have become over the years: a tailor who selects quality, taste and tradition.

Riccardo Zanotto is me, every year I create my “Ancestrali” wines “col fondo” (Re-fermented in the bottle, at the bottom of which yeast and sediment are settled), my sparkling wines and my Prosecco Docg with grapes from trusted producers and with Glera grapes from my own farm in the family vineyard, aware that each terrain, hilly or flat, in full sun or sheltered, offers a specific personality in the final result that, with to the collaboration and advice of an expert oenologist, allows me to put in my bottles exactly my idea of wine.